Brighter Visions Message

District 31N Lions Clubs 

The world is seeing some interesting times.  Times like it never seen before. Our organization is doing the best it can to be aggressive in aiding those that are in need, here in NC and around the world. Both LCIF and Camp Dogwood/Brighter Vision need our continued help.   

Here locally COVID-19 has severely effected employment, therefore a lot of people has lost some of their household’s income and medical insurance. 

We Can make a difference, We Can assist NC citizens during this pandemic and the recovery. 

August 15, 2020 is our Brighter Vision Kickoff, 12:00 noon at Cooper Cricket Restaurant, 98 Amarillo Lane, Sanford, NC 27332. I am asking clubs to give a portion of their contributions at this event. 

I am aware that club’s revenues are lower than normal just as well, and here and now I say thank you for your continued dedication.

If you cannot make it to this event your Brighter Vision contribution can be mailed to me or I can come by and pick it up.

During the kickoff I will be giving each club president and secretary my personal District Governor lapel pin, our 2020-2021 directory, and your club’s Brighter Vision packet. 

Please Support! We must “Embellish The Path” set before us. 

DG DeAngelo Jackson

Walking By Faith


This meeting will also be by Zoom for the Club Presidents that are unable to attend.  All others should be able to view on Facebook.