Brighter Visions C0-Chair

2nd VDG Robert Block

Brighter Visions Co-Chair

Lion Gene Goetz

Blind & Low Vision Technology

Lion Peter Crumley

Boys & Girls Home Chairperson

PDG George Holston


Budget Finance Chairperson

PDG Jana Peedin

Camp Dogwood Chairperson

PDG Don Eggert

Celebrate Liberty Chairperson

Lion Marilyn Jackson


1st VDG DeAngelo Jackson

Clinical Eye Research Chairperson

Lion Cathy Delany

Club Newsletter Chairperson

Lion Jeanette Massengill

Constitution & By-Laws

PDG Keith Peedin


Diabetes Awareness Chairperson

Lion Judy Jackson


District NewsletterLion Scott Sowers Environment

Lion Kortesha George

eSight Chairperson

Lion Mayra McCloud

GLT Coordinator

PCC Carlton Weeks

GMT Coordinator

PDG Irwin Sieglewax

GST Coordinator

PDG Mike Elmore

Family & Women’s Specialist

Lion Marie Block

History ChairpersonLion Jim Kirkland
Hunger Chairperson

Lion Carlton “Carlie” Metts, II

Industries of the BlindLion Sharon Axelburg
Information Technology Chairperson

Lion Carlton “Carlie” Metts, II

 International Understanding Chairperson

Lion Doug Doubleday

Kids Sight USA Chairperson

PDG George Holston

LCIF Chairperson

PDG Richard Sutton

Leaderdog Chairperson

Lion Tom Snively

Leo Clubs Chairperson

Lion Ann Lovoy

Lions Alert

PDG Rahim “Ray” Shamori

Lion Services For Children ChairpersonLion Ann Lovoy
Memorial, Honorariums & Endowment Chairperson

PDG David Boyd

Mid-Winter Convention

1st VDG DeAngelo Jackson


 Nominations Chairperson

PDG Skippy Jackson

Peace Poster Contest Chairperson

Lion Marilyn Jackson

Pediatric Cancer

2nd VDG DeAngelo Jackson

 Promotions Chairperson

PDG Rahim “Ray” Shomari

Properties Chairperson

PDG Dutch Dine 

State Convention Liaison

1st VDG DeAngelo Jackson


Strides Walk Chairperson

Lion Candie Sanderson

Tail Twister Chairperson

Lion Mayra McCloud

 Volunteers Chairperson

Lion Gene Goetz

US/Canadian Forum

1st VDG DeAngelo Jackson

Sight/Hearing Conservation

PDG Glenn Bunch